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I’m Namit Sirohi, studying Fashion Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi and learning about the technical things of fashion every day. 

This blog came into existence in the early 2012 as a need where I can express my views on various things from various expect of Indian and International Fashion and design industry.  The blog covers about whatever interesting things happened, are happening or will happen in future. Recently I have started a new column regarding the fashion followed and worn by the college goers. 

Mostly all the pictures are mine unless mentioned. If you do use photos from the Blog, please credit us and link back.


Mawipui said...

You have a very educational blog dude.. keep it up.. Felnunmoi here :)

Valley of Chic by NAMIT said...

thanks Fel

debbiedior said...

very good layout. clean and impressive

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