NIFT Graduation Collection : Neha Jain

May 29, 2015

Storytelling with needle and thread is intrinsic to human lives where, irrespective of economic constraints, women use fabric as canvas-‘painting’ with yarn, creating deep-rooted, unique expressions.
Sustainability is of prime focus in this collection, guiding the approach to detailed surface developments with fragments of fabrics, yarn and thread, recreating numerous techniques of hand embroidery such as bakhiya, applique and kantha on viscose, cotton, silk and silk blends, linen. The visual impact of linear and circular raw fabric edges is akin to brush strokes creating stippled effects in tones of blue, maroon and dull orange seamlessly merging with each other.
Reinterpretation of traditional clothing expresses the human ability for improvisation. Handcrafted effects forging emotional connect between the wearer and clothes become primary, while fit and trends take secondary position. Thus the style and shape follow classic unfitted cuts that allow the surface treatment to take centre stage.

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