NIFT Graduation Collection : Laya C. V. B.

May 28, 2015

IRAAVANAN – The Unnoted

Every coin has two faces, every story has two sides; thus debatable is the complex character of Ravana. He was the ten-headed demon king of Lanka and the primary antagonist in Ramayana. He had committed huge sins in his lifetime which ultimately led to his defeat and death. This depiction is however interpreted differently by most Srilankans and in some parts of India, where Ravana is worshiped for his godly aspects.

Based on perceptions drawn from various literatures, Ravana is also believed to be a great scholar and the most revered devotee of Lord Shiva. He was the master of Veena and an efficient emperor. He was a person whose judgement was clouded by the push and pull of family but it is argued that his soul was never corrupted.

After the battle of Ramayana ends, Rama requests to seek wisdom from the great demon king. Ravana’s last words to Rama go as follows:

“Things that are bad for you seduce you easily; you run towards them impatiently. But things that are actually good for you, fail to attract you; you shun them creatively, finding powerful excuses to justify your procrastination.”

The concept for my collection is based on the last words of Iraavanan- a man of great principles. It is an attempt to illustrate the good side of this evil character that most people fail to be attracted to; a contemporary way of throwing light on the other side of the story through traditional elements from Andhra like hand-painted Kalamkari fabric, in a set of Indian colors and other cultural ingredients.

Photos  : Siddharth Shankar Sahu

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