Payal Pratap FW 14

July 08, 2014

Winter Blossom
Autumn Winter 2014-2015
Our long sleeves dangling
Let’s go to the garden
To view the plum blossoms
The bush warblers are scattering
From the Man’yoshu
(The Anthology of Ten Thousand Leaves)
And as the skies turn dark and the view turns cold, color fades from the view. Spring, Summer, and Fall fill Pratap with hope; winter alone reminds her of the human condition. And to bring a shade of hope in climes so cold, is a collection replete with nature.
This is a collection inspired from the Japanese Kimono. Organic print and embroidery patterns of flowers and grass, leaves and tress find a voice here. Free hand drawn prints based on the bird as the central theme, find wind with leaf and flower bouquets. The symbolic cherry blossom is reproduced in a coral print with geometric graphic details. The collection progresses from black and white to a suffusion of jewel tone hues patrol, plum, and gold. Samurai hakama inspired shapes divided skirts with deep pleats culled from Japanese menswear.

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