Dev R Nil FW 14

July 27, 2014

For an artist, perhaps the best form of expression of his thoughts is in the form of his art. What happens when someone comes up with wearable form of art with good functionality and usages? Answer to the question is just in one word- Design!
Kolkata based designer duo, have come up with a collection which satisfy their hunger to express their thoughts about the current situation of society.
We continue living a censored life as we lose the right to humanity and the freedom to love as the way we want to love. It’s a criminal offense to explore oneself in the truest nature. Sex and sexuality is taboo where we are blinded by the word ‘culture’. Ironically the same culture which has left its impression in literature and art and sculpture is now replaced by vandalism and rape.” – Dev R Nil
With their autumn winter 14 collection, they raise their voice against the norms of society which keeps a person away from loving someone else and ask for the freedom of expression.
In order to tell the story of forbidden love, the designers have used monochromes, surface embroideries; harsh geometric prints and few deliberately developed “unfinished” prints are interestingly mixed and layered.

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