Pero by Aneeth Arora FW 14

June 25, 2014

As the lights went off, and an image of a woman, sitting on a bench appeared, Aneeth’s autumn winter 14 collection titled ‘Meet me by the lamppost’, for Pero set in motion. Beautiful women covered in layers of Pero clothing, dressed to inject a sense of warmth in cold winters. They walked the ramp, covered in snow with street lamps to lit up the way and guide them out from a late chilly winter night. They wore warm clothes, mix matched checks and strips and showed their most intricate Bandhini from Gujarat. Comfy overcoats, hand knitted sweaters, scarves and gloves, shirts and denim jeans, formed a perfect ground for an ideal winter collection, offering something to everyone internationally as well as locally. The collection was adorned with tiniest of details from colorful pom poms on woolen scarves and leg warmers to contrasting piping’s and stitch lines.

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