Abraham & Thakore FW 14

May 06, 2014

Abraham & Thakore
Urban Shikar
Fall Winter 14

Framed by a palette centered around the splendid shades of wild silk, this season Abraham & Thakore looks at smooth uniform dressing for the city. A collection centered around the urban shikar, where the streets of a city are the scene. It is the collection which brings out the various shades of khaki with its references to safari, outfits and fight.
This contemporary wardrobe is centered around eminent partitions worn smoothly- a trench layer from Tussar silk is thrown over a sari; a military excited blouson cover processed out of Eri (Ahimsa) silk makes a surprising comment and is coordinated with a long kurta, several slack salwars expect utility attributes. The weavers of Varanasi have made refined cutting-edge brocades using tussar yarns for this aggregation. From Chautapal in Andhra Pradesh, conventional ikat weavers have woven imaginative fabrics in both twofold and single ikats using these yarns. The precise talented Jamdani weavers of Fulia in Bengal have woven fabrics in tussar using the standard three shuttle methodology to make progressive geometrics centered around the excellent asylum topic of woven Indian materials.
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