Akaaro SS 14

February 22, 2014

Aakaro by Gaurav Jai Gupta
Akaaro which means A in Sanskrit, is best known for its rich Indian Textile. Gaurav tries to beat the stereotyping of crafts and craft oriented  fashion and creates modern yet wearable designs. Gaurav prefers to make his own textile and makes products out of it whereas mostly designers source ready-made fabrics. Making his own textile provides, him the advantage of getting yarns dyed in specific colours and experiment with different kind of weaving. Often designers lose their track while using Indian craft to create modern looks, which is not a problem with Akaakro. The brand tries to keep the essence of the craft with a very global approach.

Akaaro’s spring-summer 2014 collection called “Mod-Rate” is inspired from a Nun painting by Hans Memling. This collection is a strong depiction of what Gaurav does the best, interesting interplay of textiles. He plays with dyed yarn and weaves them in the interplay of weft and warp yarns.
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