Fontana SS 14 by Shivan Narresh

October 15, 2013

Resort-wear has been in fashion since “Coco” became “Chanel” but this has not been the case in India until recent times. There were not many designers doing resort wear and hence, there was never much available to be worn for the holiday calendar. This area of fashion has only seen a relatively recent market rising in India, giving way to designer collections for resort seasons. It is very interesting to see how these young designers have set a standard in the Indian resort wear market in just a short period of time. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that Shivan and Narresh are the names that have made resort wear famous in India, with strong successful collections being showcased consecutively each season. Fontana, the themed Spring Summer ‘14 collection is a soulful interpretation of works by Lucio Fontana, an Italian Spatialist painter and sculptor. Fontana’s creations are an endorsement of three–dimensional space intercepting into otherwise two–dimensional surfaces, which the designer duo has used to give a bold look to their creations with immense sex appeal.
For the designers, inspiration came from the colors of Lucio’s sculptures, with models coming down the runway dressed in canary yellow, oranges, whites set in with dominating dark tones. The new collection is more refined with a deeper palette and cleaner accents, resulting in what appears to be the most focused collection by the duo till date.
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