Five Day Diary - Khanim

April 22, 2013

My first day as a student in the prestigious fashion institute obviously left me awestruck with all the trendy seniors of mine, passing by me in the canteen. Then came the entry- a tall girl, super shiny black hair, shocking pink top, floral palazzos- had a few guys, probably her classmates following her, I went hay-wire. For a girl like me, that scene lasted as a week of conversation topic with my mom and other friends back at home. It’s not an exaggeration.
Khanim Gabrielle Luikham, a 3rd year Fashion Design student of National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi is one of the most fashionable people I’ve ever met. The best part is, most of the clothes I like, are her own creation. I’ve been a big fan of her since day one, so many of you won’t be very surprised I volunteered to write this post for Valley of Chic.
Following is an excerpt of my online conversation with her about fashion and herself:
Day 1, Monday
Is your personal style something that comes randomly or a culmination of style icons? Do you follow any other websites or blogs other than Valley of Chic?
 I would say that my personal style comes randomly. I get inspiration from random things but music plays a huge part in getting my inspiration. I like to think my sense of dressing is quite on the minimal side. I do follow up some bloggers whose style I can mostly relate myself to like Gary pepper vintage, le happy and k is for Kani and website like,, WGSN n Behance, these are few of the websites or bloggers I go for.

Day 2,Tuesday
Oh I love Gary pepper.
Which celebrity's wardrobe do u envy the most?

 hmm… I would say Gwyneth Palthrow, sometimes Kristen Steward and definitely Victoria Beckham, the Olsen twins and Agyness Deyn and Cara Delevinge and… man! It’s a never ending list… It'll go on forever.
Day 3,Wednesday
 I can relate...  Going a bit professional, where do u see yourself one decade from now? 

 hah!! I was waiting for that question...
Day 4, Thursday
Okay, I can be predictable, I get it 

 ok, seriously speaking, running a design house, being a creative designer of, say, Burberry (I have always loved Burberry and always will). Gee… I hope you’re not trying to include this conversation for the blog... please don’t. 
Day 5, Friday
Haha.. I am... You mind?  Anyways, any words of advice or anything at all you'd like to say to the readers and fashion lovers out there?

With an inherent love and genuine interest for fashion, keep it chic and simple don't go overboard with styling. With summer setting in, a fresh outlook and a delightful change in shopping routines have surfaced. You should even look forward to more of thrift buys and DIYs.
Adieu folks.
Thank you Khanim.

Felnunmawi of Mawipuiloves
(Guest Blogger)

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