Alpana Neeraj AW 13-14

March 19, 2013

Designers Alpana and Neeraj, despite being a relatively new label, have managed to reach the status of being called one of the finest. With the full strength of their innovative designs and couture - and their ready-to-wear line, they are becoming the new face of Indian Fashion internationally with personalities like Lady Gaga as their buyers.

As inspiration for their FW 2013-2014 collection they have looked into a fairytale world of Goth, Glamour and Gloss, with a twist of wild passion. Talking about the same, the duo tease that as the night creeps in and the sky darkens, Alpana Neeraj women emerge.

The collection travels from Bone to Black colors with some exquisite pieces of neon which act as an electric explosion in the alluring darkness. Serpentine prints, leather corsets and metallic embellishments were major in the collection. An interesting technique to take note of was the way fabric was cut into hundreds of pieces and layered to resemble python scales, elegantly slithering along the movement of the body. 
It won't be to anyone's surprise if this collection is included in the top 5 among the AW13-14 version of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.

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