Srishti Roy

November 29, 2012

Srishti Roy, 21, fashion design student from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi.  Belongs to Kolkata, has a very mixed feeling about her college and loves giving short answers.

What was in your mind when you were dressing up for today?
The endless submissions that kept me awake till 5 am, hence the pure mish-mashness of the outfit. This is exactly what happens when you are living out of a suitcase alone with the added fun of 3268 NIFT submissions.

How Delhi’s fashion different from Kolkata’s fashion for you?
Next question.

Your experience at NIFT New Delhi so far?
Best of times. Worst of times.

Favorite Shopping place?
Sarojini Nagar Market okay.(Tried to be discreet and say flea markets of Delhi but what the heck). Does not get better than this for girls
Favorite Book?
Notes to Myself - Hugh Prather.
It is based on little random things about life that the author wrote in different diaries and notepads when he was going through a rough time. The fun thing is that you can read any page, any time (not really a book with a definite beginning and an end).

One fashion sin you have ever committed?
Transparent bra straps. Ew.

Thank You
Take Care!!

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