Patola and the women behind it

May 21, 2012

Isha Dangwar and Priyanka Rai are the creative director of Patola.

They are stuffed with remarkable talent and have the most amazing down to earth attitude. They are beautiful and so are the clothes they make.  One being a fashion designer and the other being a textile designer, they are able to make the most enchanting garments with the most amazing techniques and fabric
Isha and Priyanka
“Patola intends to make its reputation with Fashion that leans towards rich Indian textiles and embroideries. Vintage embroidery with richness of hues is the dominant element of the label. The label beholds compositions of both womenswear and menswear, it also loves and promises to explore the latest trends in textile as detailing and immaculate tailoring.”- says Isha.  

Ikat and Color hoopla Waistcoat
Recently, I had a visit to their studio where I got to see some of the pieces, Isha & Priyanka did for their exhibitions(pictures are above and below)  and the clothes they did for the Gen Next show of Lakme Fashion Week.(Can’t post the pictures now but trust me they are made with the most amazing technique).
Silk Embroidered Net Sari
Silk Embroidered waistcoat

Since Patola is not a very old baby and is still growing, one can contact the designers from here.

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