Mascara, Red Lips and a lot of Eye Liner makes a Lady

April 23, 2012

Atisha Rai, a not so common name and has her own charm. I met this girl one year back, in one of my coaching and there was something about her that struck. This is not a very high fashion post but a simple post about a girl who loves her Lipsticks, Mascara, and Boys! Her style is fierce and she knows how to sport a perfect pout. Shes pouting almost in very photograph. (Atisha, Don’t kill me for this). But that’s the best part about her. No?
She can Bitch about anything. Do that 60s inspired Amy Winehouse look with heavy eye-liner and puffed hair. Smoke like an old lady. Sing like Madonna. Talk like a brunette and draw like a kid. Meet Atisha Rai.
trying hard not to try too much :P

silver eyes are scary sometimes but not here

im better than you

cat eyes, dont die now!

you know my name, you know my name!
pic courtesy : Aunit

thank you
take care!

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