ID Magazine - The Royalty Issue

March 17, 2012

Guinevere Van Seenus

 Guinevere wears cape worn as veil Alexander McQueen.
“If I were Queen for a day I would play with all of the crown jewels… take a nap and then play with them some more!” 

Hahn Bin in Gareth Pugh 

Sui Pie
Sui wears fragrance Chanel Coco Mademeoiselle
“If I were Queen for the day, Iʼd ask everyone to do one good deed to help others.” 

Shalom Harlow
Shalom wears dress Gareth Pugh
“If I were Queen for a day I would make every person on the planet telepathic so that no one could lie about anything, not even to themselves; and then I would implement the new social political economic structures based upon truth and well-being for all living creatures” 

Caroline Murphy

Carolyn wears dress and hat Alexander McQueen
“If I were Queen for a day Iʼd tackle business and fun… Iʼd hold a meeting with Parliament and all UN leaders to sign a mandatory bill banning all GMO crops and processed foods worldwide. Iʼd ensure every human had access to organic food… then Iʼd throw a huge ʻNight in the Garden Ballʼ at the countryside palace dressed in Alexander McQueen and the queenʼs jewels!” 


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